What it is

The TS3 Soundboard-Plugin allows you to play sounds / stream music to your TS3-Server, allowing you to create epic moments while you play with your friends...

Additionally it allows you to synchronize streaming to the WinAMP player and let other users in your channel remote control it via simple commands (a.k.a. "Music-Bot").


  • plays mp3, wav, ogg, aiff
  • plays shoutcast/icecast http-streams
  • can sync to WinAMP to use playlists
  • can be remote-controlled via the plugin and secured by a password (like a "Music-Bot")
  • doesn't require 3rd-party tools like VAC
  • doesn't require a dedicated TS instance (or even a dedicated computer), but works with the one you actually use (even push-to-talk will work just fine)
    • Roadmap

      * VLC integration for video/youtube-playback (65%)
      * ability to control the plugin via UDP (maybe for more sophisticated (web-)backends for musicbots?!) (done)
      * more sophisticated (web-)backend for musicbots (5%)
      * new website with new instructions on how to use the plugin (so that more people actually get what the plugin does - and how *g*) (0%)

      Other ideas? Share them via the forums or contact form / mail below.


      Changes in v0.9.9.2b (May 25th, 2013):
      This release is highly experimental as it combines some major changes from the past months. Feedback is highly appreciated.
      * added hotkeys for volume control (in Hotkey Settings click 'Show Advanced Actions' -> Plugins -> Plugin Hotkey -> soundboard)
      * default "stop" command will now stop music directly; use "fadeout" instead to slowly fade out
      * added new command: volumeup [local|remote]
      * added new command: volumedown [local|remote]
      * added new command: volume [local|remote] volume
        (where volume is a value between 0 and 100)
      * added dummy sounddevice (selectable from TS settings menu playback/capture) for computers without real sound devices
      * added mic-clicks (not yet documented)

      Changes in v0.9.9.0b (March 23rd, 2013):
      * new feature: random file playback on buttons: just choose multiple files and the plugin will choose from one of them if you press the button
      * new feature: remote control via UDP (to be documented, disabled by default)
      * more buttons possible
      * fixed stereo playback via OPUS Codec (requires at least TS beta)

      Changes in v0.9.8.4b:
      * APIv19

      Changes in v0.9.8.2b (August 20th, 2012):
      * fixed a bug in remote control functionality in windows

      Changes in v0.9.8.1b (August 8th, 2012):
      * APIv18

      Changes in v0.9.8b (June 24th, 2012):
      * new feature: volume sliders in the button frame; can be hidden by right-clicking a button, "Soundboard settings...", "Show/Hide volume controls"
      * moved the button "Open configuration" for the soundboard window to the same context menu (see above)
      * added several other options to the buttons' context menus (button width / height / spacing)
      * new feature: sync nickname to track (has to be activated manually at the moment)
      * fixed a problem on windows that caused in some (rare) cases the plugin not playback audio at all
      * cleaned up the settings dialog on mac/linux, not showing the "sync"-features that don't work on that platforms
      * fixed some bugs that occurred when syncing to winamp (windows only)
      * fixed: ignored users and users not in the same channel can no longer remote control the "bot" functionality

      Changes in v0.9.7b (June 16th, 2012):
      * APIv17
      * minor fixes
      * fixed some bugs that occurred when syncing to winamp (windows only)

      Changes in v0.9.6b (May 23th, 2012):
      * added (optional) plugin support for to add support for FLAC & AAC (Win & Linux only atm.); to be documented ;)
      * added streaming functionality to "Sync-to-Player" (e.g. when you stream something in Winamp, the plugin will also start streaming)
      * added support to announce new tracks when streaming

      Changes in v0.9.5b (May 20th, 2012):
      * added some options to the button frame config (buttonWidth, buttonHeight, buttonSpacing, buttonsPerRow)
      * added function to store the position of the buttonframe
      * added style-dialog to the button context menu
      * added support for multiline captions of buttons (\n for newline)
      * fixed direct button calls (/soundboard button < button number >) should work properly now

      Changes in v0.9.4b (May 12th, 2012):
      * added context-menu to buttons on the buttonframe (less fiddling with the config file)

      Changes in v0.9.3b (May 10th, 2012):
      * added voice fx and monitoring mode
      * changed internal stuff so that loading finally works when installed through ts3_plugin-method
      * changed installation method to ts3_plugin-method ;)

      Changes in v0.9.1b (May 5th, 2012):
      * added button frame (a real soundboard)
      * added /soundboard button <buttonno> command
      * added support for mac, linux32 and linux64
      * major overhaul of the engine
      * added "/soundboard enableloop" and "/soundboard disableloop" commands
      * added "track <trackno>" and "info <trackno>" to remote control functions

      Changes in v0.6.1b:
      * changed API to v16
      * minor tweaks

How you install it

I know, we're all not very passionate about RTFM but since the setup is (sadly) not as intuitive as some of you might think, _please_ make sure you read these instructions CAREFULLY before asking any questions. I get a lot of requests of people that actually did not follow this steps.

1. Download the file matching your TS3-Installation (either 32 or 64 bit) from the right and run the installer.

2. Start TeamSpeak.

If you want to use TeamSpeak with Push-to-Talk, watch the Push-to-Talk instructions.

If you want to use TeamSpeak with Voice-Activation, watch this video.

If those video-instructions don't work for you, you can try the old instructions located here.

How you use it

By default (and each time you restart teamspeak) sounds will only be played locally. This helps you try out sounds before actually playing them. To enable playing sounds to the channel you're in, go to "Settings" > "Plugins", select "Soundboard" and click "Settings". Check "Send Audio".

Some theory first: The plugin differs between soundfiles and musicfiles. It can play several sounds at the same time but it won't play several music files concurrently to avoid several songs to be played at the same time. The plugin actually fades between tracks if you're playing a musicfile and switch to another one. But: the plugin itself does not know whats a music file or whats a short sound sample - you have to tell it by using the appropriate command.

To play a soundfile, enter

/soundboard sound C:\Blah\Sound.wav
Of course you have to change the path to point to your soundfile.

To play music, enter

/soundboard music C:\Blah\Music.mp3

To stream music (via ICECast or Shoutcast), enter

/soundboard stream http://<IP>:80/stream

To stop music from being played (fading it out), enter

/soundboard stop
. Sounds cannot be stopped at the moment.

That's it for now ;)

Using it as a Music-Bot

The plugin can pretty easily be used as a music-bot (a bot that keeps playing music to your ts3-channel) when using it together with Winamp 5.x.

Make sure you've got winamp installed, started and not playing anything.

Start Teamspeak and enter the plugins' configuration (Settings -> Plugins; Soundboard -> Settings).

Choose "Winamp v5.5" from the pull-down menu within the "Sync with Mediaplayer" section.

If you want the plugin to announce new tracks to the channel, check "Announce new files".

If you want others to control your bot, check "Allow remote control" and enter a password into the password-box (choosing a password is NOT optional).

Close the settings menu and play a track in Winamp. The soundboard plugin should play the current track along to your channel.

Remote-Controlling the bot

Everyone you gave the password can now control the bot by opening a text-chat with you and enter one of the following commands:

<PASSWORD> pause

The following additional commands will only be usable from v0.6.3b onwards.



What codec should I be using?
The best codec teamspeak offers for music is CELT, although it sometimes is a bit buggy. If you are using speex make sure to have the bandwidth set as high as possible.

All that commands (/soundboard blah) are terrible. Is there a better solution?
Just bind them to a new hotkey like you did with /soundboard push and /soundboard release.

When I edit a hotkey and change the plugin command, it doesn't get saved at all!
This seems to be a bug in TeamSpeak, please re-create that hotkey.

When I setup a hotkey for playing a soundfile and I use it, it says "file not found".
TeamSpeak seems to only save a few characters of the "plugin command", so the filename might be truncated. Try to move the soundfile to another location to shorten the filename.


The plugin itself is © 2011-2012 by Michael Friese.
It uses the great BASS 2.4 library that is © 1999-2013 Un4Seen Developments Ltd.
TeamSpeak is © 2010 TeamSpeak Systems GmbH.

The author of this plugin is not affiliated in any way with TeamSpeak Systems GmbH.

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If you have any questions about this plugin, suggestions or complaints, feel free to contact me via the form below.